Superman : Peace on Earth by Alex Ross and Paul Dini

A panel to panel slideshow of this book would make a great music video for the famous ‘Five for Fighting’ song. 

Complete story is written in first person, as a soliloquy by Clark Kent, with cinematic artwork flowing in a third person fashion. There is a reason why I mentioned Clark Kent instead ofKal-El or Superman, which the book would be able to illustrate best. In fact in thirty something pages, this book achieved what All Star Superman been striving for in 12 issues.

I picked this book out of approbation for Alex Ross, and to comfort myself in Paul Dini’s affable writing. But this oneshot did something far more wonderful, without undermining my suppositions – helped me appreciate Batman v Superman more.


Justice : by Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, Doug Braithwaite

WB_20110918_justice1_detail.jpgImagine Tower of Babel, put Idendity Crisis to it, mix well with a pre Kingdom Come story. Repeat this for 12 chapters, embellish with some badass oldschool hard to fathom cinematic artwork, Voila! you got Justice .

And well, Stuff like this

Brilliant signature touch of Alex Ross and that guy whose name I cant pronounce, An all DC storyline involving Justice League and Legion of Doom, and of course like always end of the world. It was much fun, far better than any average new age could offer. Artwork adds to the charm and somehow, they manage to give enough quiddity to all characters. Maybe a little more to Aquaman and a bit less to the Doom Patrol. They even made Plastic man and Metamorpho cool, which I feel was quite a task. There were pages that made me gaze in appreciation, being completely lost on the happenings around.

And here is something for everyone who looks down on Superman

If you are tired of the new 52 run and looking for some great Yesterdays comic, or if you are a newbie trying to get into the DC universe, or you are looking for something engaging, or you are just looking, I mean you can read, this is for you. Storyline managed to cover almost all characters, their allies, strengths and weakness and emotional turmoil, all in necessary detail. And unlike the murderous Injustice style run, where writers kill off your heroes for fun and sales with the excuse of multiverse, this stands apart being all good old school. And you will get to know where Marvel got the Uru armour upgrade in Fear Itself :).


Anyway, hope your mom doesnt find any Poison Ivy panel.