Theories of International Politics and Zombies by Daniel.W.Drezner

41Iz6VvALgL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I have learned a great deal about Zombies; wish I could say the same about International Politics.

Intention behind reading this book, and the book as well, was to make International Political theories interesting for a casual reader, under the pretext of hypothetical apocalypse involving flesh-eating ghouls. Author demonstrates rigorous scholarship in defining zombies, using movies and social science literature as data source on events akin to an attack of the undead: pandemics, disasters, bioterrorism, and so forth. Book then proceeds with variegated predictions of different international relation theories at the wake of outbreak, with references and footnotes from Romero’s Night of the Living Dead to World War Z, which had me fuming with pride over my reading choice.

Author tries his level best in using contemporary movies like Shawn of the Dead and Resident Evil as reference material. But he easily falls short on the same and ends up finding solace in George Romero flicks, which readers of my age might not easily relate with. As for political theories, zombie contagion is considered with cross-border relations, military tactics, evacuation logistics, refugee policies, homeland security measures and all other jargons that you can include in etceteras. Though the book discusses psychological response quite well, things turned a bit apprehensive with responses from anarchist, realist, liberalist, neo-conservatalist, constructivist povs in domestic and international scene.

International politics and zombiesZombie culture has got this infesting nature much like zombies themselves, from Fallout to Call of Duty to Pride and Prejudice, which make it an ideal parable premise to go cold turkey on complex theories. But even with such an ambitious theme, this is just another non-fiction book, trying its level best to look cool.


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