Valentines Day



I don't burn to see other people being happy

I just curse myself for not being able to get over a hypocrite and a coward

I don't deserve you at all.I deserve much better but I'm unable to get you out of my life and head. 

You are almost always mean to me but I never say anything. 

You are always judgemental and intolerant towards me. 

I can clearly feel your irritation every time we talk.

 I'm not jealous of others or desperate because I'm single.

It's just nice to know that you are important to someone. 

And you know the interesting thing about love? 

Once it's gone it never ever comes back in the same way. 

So stop walking all over me like I am your doormat. 

Stop judging me by the things I say to you. 

I have never had a filter in my thoughts when I'm speaking to you 

And by the unfiltered things I say you, have made up this image of me as the stereotypical frustrated spinster or something. 

So just stop with that. 

I have spent enough time n heartbreaks on you. 

So this Valentine's Day I have only three words to you. 

Three last words and I'll never ever speak to you again.




Go F**k Yourself.

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