The Explorer

There was a time.


When everyone wanted me, or better said I was a necessity. People used to take pride in using me. I was invited everywhere, was absolutely needed at every puny explorations. During those days, thankfully, not many were matured enough to look for alternatives, for I was beautiful enough.


Things started to change. Guess I started to age. There were new players in the scene, prettier ones. Also to have a stand in this field, one had to be constantly updated on client preferences, better equipped for the changing audience. I felt the compulsion to change as well. Still, I stayed like an old mechanical watch with clockwork precision in a world of emerging quartz crystals. Or better said, my Masters for some reason wanted me that way, reasons I could’t comprehend. Again, I never lost my elite prime status. I was the first to be consulted, the default, before moving into other superior foxes, with far better tricks up their sleeves.


I had a lot of clients back during my inception. Rich and powerful people, people with power to change my world and world as a whole. I was their tool and I liked being used. I was popular, too popular in fact, young ones around looked up to me, with reverence at first, which graduated over time to pity and finally disdain. They wanted my clients, they longed for the fame I enjoyed. I was made this way, with little capability to think or understand, but possibilities were endless. I was a tool, for pleasure, for learning, for knowledge, for sometimes for testing. But it all depended upon my connection to the higher intelligence, without which all of us were useless dolls.


The higher intelligence itself was changing, expanding and getting faster. It increased the clients, more and more people were interested in us. Pleasure and time pass started overshadowing knowledge and companionship. I used to be solely an escort medium once, the one people used to convey messages to others. Now with the ever growing higher intelligence, I find myself reduced to the status of a mere spectator, an unavoidable tool to get to the fancier ones. I watched my old clients taking escorts in operas, having fun in safaries and feeling elite with new foxes. Maybe “cougar” isn’t a bad usage for old players after all.


Everything is moving fast around me, except myself. My clients are heavily reduced. My Masters were constantly tweaking to upgrade the old tricks, but age was still a factor. They even made versions of me, none gained the fame I enjoyed or other contemporary models for that matter. Pleasure is what everyone is looking for these days. Even in other fields, others could give far better results than me. I was soon reduced as the first showcase model, a collectors vintage item. But there were people who still preferred me. Not puny new comers, but high class government officials. They trusted me, that mere knowledge was more than enough to keep me going.


But now, it is almost the end. I have reached my expiry date, none of the updates served the purpose of keeping me up with the game. People wanted novelty, speed and better experiences. I had none of them to offer. Still they all went through me first. I was a necessary evil to get to the prettier ones. People started developing upgrades for the new ones, giving them more features than masters gave me, giving them the power to explore themselves more.


It is high time they shut me off, freeing the young ones off my shadow. They might age and reach my stage, probably not. I hope not, for I was originally an explorer developed for amusement and information, with the expectation of a perpetual life. And now when the masters are finally plugging me off, reducing me to history, I hope you will remember me.


As your first browser, as Internet Explorer


—-George J Jr.


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