Monstress by Marjorie M. Liu, Sana Takeda

cover_monstress.jpgPersistently gorgeous artwork and well placed panels were not enough to save this tantalizingly ambiguous steam punk weebo universe. Everything looked like a line art version off Avatar world, with Korra lookalike monstress, Asami style villians and cute little creatures. I found the whole Arcanic scene similar to Elfen Lied in violence and adult content.

Anyway there were some badass chthulhu inspired Garra/Naruto level transformations to drool on. And the uncanny similarity of ancient God with the inter dimensional monster from Locke and Key was hard to ignore. I guess, this was my issue- for a world this ambitious, Monstress failed to deliver.
Also it wasn’t free off the usual YA cliches- chosen one, prophecy, troubled childhood, lost big shot parents, blood with vampirish background, infernal monsters and Rosicrucian secrets. Pretty sure, the perfect guy ordained to be with heroine eons ago is waiting to appear in further volumes.

And cats, annoying cats.


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