A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

51u33eyhhl-_sy344_bo1204203200_Though heartrendingly sad, this book is a beautiful story about finding hope in grief, letting go and moving on. It was too poignant by the final chapters, inducing emotions in every sentence, making you wish for more pages, just to delay the inevitable ending. And I highly suggest the illustrated paperback over a digital copy.1i2a8lConnor was surprised to see a giant yew tree monster by his window, but not terrified. For his life was taking him through far worse things to worry about. Mom had started treatments and he was a regular target for being picked. He felt alienated and suffocated by the sympathy and pity around him from friends and teachers. So he shouts at the monster, who then starts telling folktale like stories at night, each with contradicting ideas. Anything more than this might be a spoiler for the reading experience.

Loved the way author kept the supernatural element and real life interspersed- monster visits as surreal as it could be and school life as real as it would be. Though the story is in the small universe of a 13 year old boy, roles played these limited characters were far sufficient to convey the right emotions. Like his grandma, with whom he is not comfortable with that unavoidable eventual moving in.
“You and me? Not the most natural fit, are we?, but we have something in common – Your mom.”capture

I remember finishing the book by about 1 am in the morning and being left with almost moist eyes. All I wanted then was to hug my mom, would have even called her if not for the late hour.

The b&w illustrations were stylized and beautiful, extremely detailed and perfectly transcending with the printing. Now I am overly excited for the already hyped Doctor Who spin off – Class. With a writer like Patrick Ness, it shouldn’t go wrong.

And here is the movie adaptation trailer, looks pretty amazing. And like someone in comment section said, Liam Neeson has really branched out for this one.


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