Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes: A No-Bullshit Guide to World Mythology


“So Persephone is the daughter of this chick Demeter
who is the goddess of like fertility and crops and whatnot
and she is also incredibly hot.
So hot, in fact
that Hades is down in the underworld (which is also called Hades actually)
and he looks up one day and he sees her and he goes “DAAAAAAAAAAA
I gotta get me some of that.”
So he just pops on up to the world in his black chariot of ultimate wretchedness
and he says “Hey, little girl do you want to come to hell?”
and she probably would have said no
only he kidnapped her.”

Now you have the idea, read along myths like a stand up comedy. Go, have a few good laughs, If you are up for this.

If bettermyths.com is your reason to read the book, prepare to be a bit disappointed. Nevertheless, this is a hilarious take on popular myths with little care given on writing, punctuation and language. Book is laugh out loud funny for most parts, at least till you find the usual style annoying. Then on it feels like an overstayed welcome, a trying too hard charade with occasional laughs, extirpating whatever interest you build up with these myths so far.

I have found the book really funny for the stories I am familiar with. Then there were many original myths unknown to me, ruined by this teenage ranting. This isn’t a one sit read material, but an episodic spoof for popular myths from cultures all over the world. A better analogy to this book, would be those hishe and honest trailer videos. Better understood after knowing the source material.

If you love mythologies, and are not easily offended, this is a definite reco from me. Even if you tend to be offended easily, epilogue is a go. That’s some serious arguments on science, religion and mythology, which might help you experience all the same with improved tolerance. And go have a few good laughs.


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