The Tantric Curse

captureA smooth pleasant read with occasional feeds about the tantric world and the preconceived notions it usually drag along. This is the life story of a little girl, growing up in an ashram, somewhat secluded from outside world. She posses a natural trait to the tantric practices, and staying along the line of tantra makes takes her life through turns she wasn’t prepared for. I might have overdid the intro there, but its actually a light read on friendship and love, with scientific information of tantric ways, channeling along with.

The mystic world of vibrations and sainthood reminded me a lot of Don Juan and Castaneda’s “A Separate Reality”. Also I couldn’t help but get reminded of Chanakyas Chant along way, mostly coz of Varanasi and the play of powers, devoid of the latter’s crookedness though. There were portions I found difficult to digest, portions off kilter to my usual thought process, still the delightful writing took me through, till the end, like standing in a quagmire.

An issue I had with the later portion of book was, the characters were lettings things to go south deliberately, like its something out of their hand. Maybe I am wrong in my own understanding, but taking a stand would have made life easy for them, at least for the ones they were involved with if not them. Instead the novel went all New Moon with Rhea-Krishnam saga. Again like its been said, everything happens for a reason and the imponderables made sense by the end.

Tantra has always been a clouded area for me, something mystic, something to be away from, something no one seems to have a proper understanding. This book has done a brilliant job in clearing many things up, in fact had me wish for illustrations at that “chakra” part, which was quite brilliantly put. Also author expressed the characters in their imperfections, in not just the learning part, but also in maturity. That in unison with authors brief bio compels reader to ponder on the possibility of facts in this fiction, probably some she lived through.

“To find stillness in motion is the paradox to accomplish, rather than just being still while in stillness”.

And it comes with an utterly terrific cover art, capable to hypnotize in the very look. Also I extend my great-fullness and regards to Team TTC for an early review copy.


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