Rant : Chuck Palahnuik , One of the most challenging book I ve ever read


I remember reading, Mr. Palahnuik sometime somewhere saying this ” Write something the readers might not enjoy, but will never forget”. That moron has done exactly the same in this messy, intricately written, complexly splintered, occasionally disgusting, disturbingly brilliant piece. And I hated most of it.

And If it wasnt a hardcopy, I would have left it before halfway. Took my time, controlled my anger on that Guardian reporter, whose cover review said – ‘Rant is fast and true.. and so funny your facial muscles soon tire’. As much as I was exasperated by this book, I must confess being completely blown away by the writing and imagination. The books moves along the life of one Buster Casey, popularly known as Rant, through the eyes of people around him. So, its like one of those documentary movies where we get to see interviews with various people on various aspects and time periods of some big shot person except the reader got no previous idea on who this big shot bloke is. To make matters worse, the protagonist, whom we know posthumously, is one disgusting fella with a gross level of super smell and rabies. Also he happens to be the most important person from that portion of the small town, coz of some urban demolition derby known as Party Crashing. And even after finishing it all, I still lack a solid idea of what Party Crashing really is.

So, take your time and self motivate yourself to sit till the end, coz it kinda pays off. I never saw it coming anyway. Or If you are struggling too much, here is a bit of spoiler motivation in the words of Shot Dunyun – “You burn your brain with rabies. Go all theta-tranc-y with driving. You hit something and wake up naked in History.”

And good luck understanding the story, also Stoking, Liminal time, Party Crashing, Rabies, I-SEE-U, Grandmother paradox, being and not being, becoming God and all those people who contributed to this grand screw up. They did sound like the writer himself most of the times, though. And If you are reading critically try to think back and understand the timeline, believe me, its the only fun I had in this reading exercise.

And why isnt Echo credited among the contributors? Anyway a big screen adaptation is on the way with James Franco


Did I enjoy this book – single word answer might be NO,
But I do appreciate his genius and might as well do a re read to confirm my theories *imagine River Song playfully saying Spoilers*
And do listen to the Field Notes of Green Tayler Simms when you read.


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