The Chrysalids : Your follow up to Sense 8


If you loved Wachowski brother’s ‘Sense 8’ , this could be your follow up book. This dystopian seemingly woebegone story is more coming of age than sci fi, and kinda undulate your thoughts on morality. Chrysalids is a spell variation of word ‘chrysalis’, which is related to larva moving out of cocoon as butterfly, so I guess the title goes with moving into a new phase meaning.
So, premise of story involves a post Tribulation secluded society where people banish and kill mutants, branding them aberrations, as creation of devil, deviation from Gods image. Tribulation is never clearly explained nor the events, and by mutants, author means people with visible defects like extra toe, leg, hand and all. Well, our main story revolve around a bunch of kids who are connected by thoughts, much like ‘sensate’ and hiding their powers to make a safe living among the norms, an exaggerated version of Proletheans from Orphan Black.

“The idea of complete man is the supreme vanity: the finished image is a sacrilegious myth”, brace yourself for apologias of this kind and one sided telepathic exchange in excited fortissimo. Its like one of those X Men stories, lets say X2 the one with Rogue, my review sucks. But do give this book a read.apocalypsewars-bf558

This strip generator post sums up the book pretty much, click at your risk, it gives away the whole book *spoilers*

Another book of same theme would be More Than Human – Theodore Sturgeon. I will try to review it when I get the chance. Pour in your thoughts If you have already. My habit is to keep books of same kind farther part in reading timeline, so 🙂



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