Black orchid : Vertigo alternative for Alias by Gaiman

Black-Orchid-Comic-Movie-Rachel-McAdamsThis is like Alias except the protagonist is purple. And being a bit high might enhance your reading experience, thanks to the psychedelic artwork.
68210-david-tennant-talks-purple-man-is-he-really-a-villain-gif-239042.jpgGaiman has successfully crafted an origin story to the whole Black Orchid family, someone we remember in bits and pieces from new 52 or flashpoint. And as the story proceeds in this Arkham Asylum mixed with Shaun Tans Arrival artwork, stuff starts making sense and easter egg cameos gets lit. In this seemingly inception miniseries, Orchid is connected to The Green along with Ivy, Swamp Thing and the moronic Floronic man keeping Lex in the dark side. Also everyone is addressed by their alter ego, figuring which out gives a sense of satisfaction.  Btw The Green is the Speedforce equivalent for all plant related villains and heroes of DC universe

More than the appearance of  Dark Knight perhaps.

And something like this in the left panel classic dc style is remastered to something exotic here with Vertigo imprint (left panel- Suzi meeting Batman, or is it Suzi :P).

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