SuperGod : Warren Ellis , a world where men create Gods


Five stars to the first #4 editions and 3 stars to the finale. It was one really crazy, stupid, neo start with an ubercool apocalypse. Countries of the world being obsessed in creating their own Gods from mythos by superhuman experiments. And eventually earth becomes their battleground.

A perfect read to get stuffed in after the Brexit poll. I was past two issues while watching new puny , stab into our childhood, Independence Day movie and all through that destruction I could only think of the remaining issues of Supergod, waiting for me at home. 🙂krishna supergod
So Indian government creates Krishna, who decides that the only way to save India is by reducing the population and rebuilding from scratch. Pakistan getting obliterated by their own missiles on their try to save India from Krishna, The Russian supergod Perun is on a fight run to Delhi and so is the Iranian antigod. Amidst all these chaos the British one is an astranaut fused to some mushroom alien species deity and American one is a dead astronaut who is pretty much Captain America. I know what you are thinking, but If it sounds stupid and still entertains, It aint stupid.cthulhu supergods

Plus the name of American Supergod is Jerry. And really kickasss artwork and fights. I would pay double to watch it in big screen. Also the final battle involves an all organic frigging Cthulhu 🙂


Rant : Chuck Palahnuik , One of the most challenging book I ve ever read


I remember reading, Mr. Palahnuik sometime somewhere saying this ” Write something the readers might not enjoy, but will never forget”. That moron has done exactly the same in this messy, intricately written, complexly splintered, occasionally disgusting, disturbingly brilliant piece. And I hated most of it.

And If it wasnt a hardcopy, I would have left it before halfway. Took my time, controlled my anger on that Guardian reporter, whose cover review said – ‘Rant is fast and true.. and so funny your facial muscles soon tire’. As much as I was exasperated by this book, I must confess being completely blown away by the writing and imagination. The books moves along the life of one Buster Casey, popularly known as Rant, through the eyes of people around him. So, its like one of those documentary movies where we get to see interviews with various people on various aspects and time periods of some big shot person except the reader got no previous idea on who this big shot bloke is. To make matters worse, the protagonist, whom we know posthumously, is one disgusting fella with a gross level of super smell and rabies. Also he happens to be the most important person from that portion of the small town, coz of some urban demolition derby known as Party Crashing. And even after finishing it all, I still lack a solid idea of what Party Crashing really is.

So, take your time and self motivate yourself to sit till the end, coz it kinda pays off. I never saw it coming anyway. Or If you are struggling too much, here is a bit of spoiler motivation in the words of Shot Dunyun – “You burn your brain with rabies. Go all theta-tranc-y with driving. You hit something and wake up naked in History.”

And good luck understanding the story, also Stoking, Liminal time, Party Crashing, Rabies, I-SEE-U, Grandmother paradox, being and not being, becoming God and all those people who contributed to this grand screw up. They did sound like the writer himself most of the times, though. And If you are reading critically try to think back and understand the timeline, believe me, its the only fun I had in this reading exercise.

And why isnt Echo credited among the contributors? Anyway a big screen adaptation is on the way with James Franco


Did I enjoy this book – single word answer might be NO,
But I do appreciate his genius and might as well do a re read to confirm my theories *imagine River Song playfully saying Spoilers*
And do listen to the Field Notes of Green Tayler Simms when you read.

Justice : by Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, Doug Braithwaite

WB_20110918_justice1_detail.jpgImagine Tower of Babel, put Idendity Crisis to it, mix well with a pre Kingdom Come story. Repeat this for 12 chapters, embellish with some badass oldschool hard to fathom cinematic artwork, Voila! you got Justice .

And well, Stuff like this

Brilliant signature touch of Alex Ross and that guy whose name I cant pronounce, An all DC storyline involving Justice League and Legion of Doom, and of course like always end of the world. It was much fun, far better than any average new age could offer. Artwork adds to the charm and somehow, they manage to give enough quiddity to all characters. Maybe a little more to Aquaman and a bit less to the Doom Patrol. They even made Plastic man and Metamorpho cool, which I feel was quite a task. There were pages that made me gaze in appreciation, being completely lost on the happenings around.

And here is something for everyone who looks down on Superman

If you are tired of the new 52 run and looking for some great Yesterdays comic, or if you are a newbie trying to get into the DC universe, or you are looking for something engaging, or you are just looking, I mean you can read, this is for you. Storyline managed to cover almost all characters, their allies, strengths and weakness and emotional turmoil, all in necessary detail. And unlike the murderous Injustice style run, where writers kill off your heroes for fun and sales with the excuse of multiverse, this stands apart being all good old school. And you will get to know where Marvel got the Uru armour upgrade in Fear Itself :).


Anyway, hope your mom doesnt find any Poison Ivy panel.


Everything is Illuminated

Story of author searching a lady in modern Ukraine, who helped his parents escape Nazi holocaust, with the help of an American pop culture obsessed Ukrainian young adult, his almost blind grandfather and their dog, who goes by a rather sophisticated name- Sammy Davis Junior Junior. Book is written in rather three portions intertwined between each other in a linear timeline, two autobiographies and a letter reaction series.

And I had to force myself to sit through the fictional biography of authors forefathers, which moved from a funny touching anecdote to one dragging, uncomfortable, disgusting account of their sexual adventures and extra marital affairs. And having them all in first person made it more annoying. Well here is the clever part, forefather biography was always followed by a correspondence review from his Ukrainian companion which however summarized all the anger I felt to his writing as a reader. It made me cut some slack to be honest and move on with the good bits. Jonathan seemed like an expert at confusing what is with what was with what should be with what could be. 🙂

The main story, the quest for a long lost city had me quite intrigued. It was genuinely funny, engaging and kinda well written from the perspective of a guy with limited vocabulary. Only to ruin it all with some crappy ending. I would give 4 stars to the letters and quest, and maybe some 2 stars for his novel.

The Chrysalids : Your follow up to Sense 8


If you loved Wachowski brother’s ‘Sense 8’ , this could be your follow up book. This dystopian seemingly woebegone story is more coming of age than sci fi, and kinda undulate your thoughts on morality. Chrysalids is a spell variation of word ‘chrysalis’, which is related to larva moving out of cocoon as butterfly, so I guess the title goes with moving into a new phase meaning.
So, premise of story involves a post Tribulation secluded society where people banish and kill mutants, branding them aberrations, as creation of devil, deviation from Gods image. Tribulation is never clearly explained nor the events, and by mutants, author means people with visible defects like extra toe, leg, hand and all. Well, our main story revolve around a bunch of kids who are connected by thoughts, much like ‘sensate’ and hiding their powers to make a safe living among the norms, an exaggerated version of Proletheans from Orphan Black.

“The idea of complete man is the supreme vanity: the finished image is a sacrilegious myth”, brace yourself for apologias of this kind and one sided telepathic exchange in excited fortissimo. Its like one of those X Men stories, lets say X2 the one with Rogue, my review sucks. But do give this book a read.apocalypsewars-bf558

This strip generator post sums up the book pretty much, click at your risk, it gives away the whole book *spoilers*

Another book of same theme would be More Than Human – Theodore Sturgeon. I will try to review it when I get the chance. Pour in your thoughts If you have already. My habit is to keep books of same kind farther part in reading timeline, so 🙂


Black orchid : Vertigo alternative for Alias by Gaiman

Black-Orchid-Comic-Movie-Rachel-McAdamsThis is like Alias except the protagonist is purple. And being a bit high might enhance your reading experience, thanks to the psychedelic artwork.
68210-david-tennant-talks-purple-man-is-he-really-a-villain-gif-239042.jpgGaiman has successfully crafted an origin story to the whole Black Orchid family, someone we remember in bits and pieces from new 52 or flashpoint. And as the story proceeds in this Arkham Asylum mixed with Shaun Tans Arrival artwork, stuff starts making sense and easter egg cameos gets lit. In this seemingly inception miniseries, Orchid is connected to The Green along with Ivy, Swamp Thing and the moronic Floronic man keeping Lex in the dark side. Also everyone is addressed by their alter ego, figuring which out gives a sense of satisfaction.  Btw The Green is the Speedforce equivalent for all plant related villains and heroes of DC universe

More than the appearance of  Dark Knight perhaps.

And something like this in the left panel classic dc style is remastered to something exotic here with Vertigo imprint (left panel- Suzi meeting Batman, or is it Suzi :P).

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