L’Étranger , The Stranger

7755782156_f60e025ccf_o.jpegI picked this book up without knowing any philosophical significance, and had an immense time to think between chapters and savor the simple depiction of life thorough the eyes of a highly apathetic fellow. Which made me think, this might how Charlie of Flowers of Algernon would have been, If he was more normal.

Author kind of made us alienate the protagonist in first part only to make more sense of him by second. The last episode was golden where he blast outs on chaplain, planting this explosive thought of each being as guilty as other and how everything matters for nothing by the end. And how prejudiced and frightful the judge and jury were at the nonchalance of main character. Makes us wonder how far the hierarchy of power would have mattered, if there were more people like that hero,who name is hard to pronounce. “Are you prosecuting a man who buried his mother or a man who killed someone”

There are a lot of lines which I have saved in my head, and I am pretty sure am gonna read more of Camus, and probably absurdism. We do over rate our existence in cosmos a hell lot, loose what we have in search of something in afterlife.

Wonder how guys like Charlie and this manage to have girlfriends, esp ones like Marie who say I love you coz you are queer, though it might make me hate you someday. And here I am living my single life, embracing existentialism 😛

Well, knowing a bit about Camus adds to the experience. Moreover gives a perspective that isnt the usual depressing one we pick up on first look.


8 thoughts on “L’Étranger , The Stranger

  1. >he simple depiction of life thorough the eyes of a highly apathetic fellow.

    If you liked the style (I don’t make any claims about the substance or ‘points’ the authors are trying to make) I would recommend Whatever by Michel Houellebecq. He has the alienated, mildly misanthropic protagonist theme down like Charlie Brown.

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