Sleeping Giants

Ok, thought I would save some read for tomorrow, I just couldn’t. So here I am with a finished book, happy headache and a smug face. This is the kind of book, you need to overcome Reader’s block and I am writing this listening to Gypsy Danger theme. đŸ™‚


I can understand the PR strategy behind branding this under the likes of The Martian and WorldWar Z, but to be honest this is more like Deception Point with Jaegers from Pacific Rim. Many might condemn the epistolary writing under grounds of poor character development and world building, but author was cleverly desensitizing us from getting too much intimate. And kept a more scientific, unbiased and exciting on the edge snazzy accord throughout, now i see where The Martian reference comes from. This seemingly hard sci fi took a political thriller turn at times, not to mention the mushy feelings play in between. Yet managed to keep me on the excitement till the end ,even with a quite satisfactory climax and after credits. And it also went, a tad Armada ish with all that tittah and dhehmeys thingy. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I had solid fun and would eagerly wait for the Teselecta to re appear in future Themis files.

This is like Rant in sci fi genre where our Buster Casey is a spoiler. Pretty sure author might be scratching his temple off thinking ways not to muck the premise in further installments.

soundtrack for your read : put Pacific Rim OST on loop

I heard great things about the audiobook as well, might wanna give it a go on Audible. In meantime check the amazon link here for epub

And taking things a bit more to the creepy side, here is the author twitter handle



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