Preacher, careful not to be offended


Since the Tv series is right around the corner, lets shed some love on this dark, gritty, western, rebellious, antreligious, gory, disgusting, awesome, funny mess of a comic.  So the protagonist Jesse Custer is a preacher who somehow happen to contain an all being cross of Angel and Demon, as powerful as God. So join in his run with a his ex girlfriend and Vampirish bestfriend in and around Texas to have revenge on God.

Nothing I said made sense, did they? Trust me, it wont once you read even, maybe a tad. So this is how Custer is.

Preacher 042 (1998) (digital) (HD) (Minutemen-Midas).cbr-Preacher 042-010

It gets off the reservation at times, especially after the first Saga or some. This is beyond the usual Vertigo darkness to be honest.

Re reading this makes me wonder how my younger self went on a fan hunt for ‘Fuck Communism’ lighter over this weird, bloody adult series. And book after book I am finding myself back in that hunt.

Pretty sure, they made this being crack high. Makes one question their sanity on bringing this weird, rebellious story that can be considered heresy in conventional religious standards, yet you will be very amused on the same and left wanting for more.


So, when given the word of God, that could make anyone do what you utter, this is how our Preacher makes use of it.


I rest my case, give this is a go only If you are up to take some offense. And lets hope for a good adaptation meanwhile. Ciao


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