The Stars My Destination

A Gulli ble guy’s somewhat foil ed attempts at revenge ūüôā
Remember that movie Jumper, the one with a teleporting young Skywalker, the one which never got any further installments. Well now imagine a future where anyone can do that with proper training, th
ough there are clauses. This future universe includes lotsa speculative fiction along with telepaths and a beautiful blind girl who can see Infrared of spectrum.

Having said that, this novel tells the story of an Arthur Dent type character going all Monte Cristo amidst an ongoing war after he was cast away in space. It was so much fun, esp since I have been expecting some PKD level stuff over that philosophical title. It was hilarious at many parts and none felt intentional. ” I am Gully Foyle, there isnt anything I wouldnt dare.” The frustration of a man to have revenge on beings that cannot feel anything, “and he went through the door like a diesel tractor.”

And never failed to amaze me with novelty, I am pretty convinced that Warrior Within borrowed heavily from this book endings. And that monologue was enough to cover up for all the weirdness, Foyle opened my geodesic mind with his Pig speech.

“The whole point of extravagance is to act like a fool and feel like a fool, but enjoy it.” This book was my weekend extravaganza. And I think you might wanna go with a hard copy on this one. here is some motivation.



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